Our materials and systems are there where you need them most every day, everywhere.

From high rise buildings and bridges to your house renovation, from tunnels to wind turbines, and all that is in between.

The sustainable roof system which outlasts the test of time, weather and even the harshest design critics.

The colorful floor which is resilient under a thousand feet, yet low-VOC and long-lasting, leading to a reduced carbon footprint over its performance life.

The easy-to-use sealant which keeps fires from spreading and one which keeps your skyscraper windows in place and protects from thermal transfer for decades without fail.

The concrete admixtures which help your poured concrete harden faster, stronger, lighter than ever for a beautifully smooth finish.

The all-in-one waterproofing solution completely impermeable to a drop of water and adhering tenaciously to your project’s concrete foundation.

The tile setting adhesive so easy-to-apply, your elbows stay pain-free from its effortless spreading.

The team of technical experts around the world, who are your partner to ensure your construction or renovation projects are a success for a lifetime.  

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