Since concrete structures are often exposed to different aggressive environments, they require high quality protection systems. Years of research plus decades of practical experience have enabled Sika to develop a fully comprehensive solution to restore, rehabilitate and protect concrete structures.

Structural Bonding

Structural Bonding in the construction market includes all solutions for bonding of components to various substrates such as concrete, natural stones or hollow blocks using structural adhesives.
Structural Bonding can be classified in

  • Rigid Bonding: Bonding of large scale concrete segments during segmental bridge construction work
  • Structural Strengthening: Strengthening of concrete structures with fiber-reinforced polymers
  • Anchoring: Fixing of steel rods or steel bars with chemical anchors
  • Corrosion Protection: Without long-lasting and truly effective corrosion protection, many steel structures start to look quite old after only a few years. Sika products cover the full spectrum of categories of corrosivity that are defined there.