Sika® ViscoCrete®-1200 NT MY

3rd generation superplasticizer

Sika® ViscoCrete®-1200 NT MY is a third generation superplasticizer for concrete and mortar.

Sika® ViscoCrete®-1200 NT MY acts by different mechanisms. Through surface absorption and sterical separation effect on the cement particles, in parallel to the hydration process, the following properties are obtained:
  • Strong self compacting behaviour, therefore suitable for the production of self compacting concrete (S.C.C.)
  • Extremely high water reduction (resulting in high density and strengths)
  • Excellent flowability (resulting in highly reduced placing- and compacting efforts)
  • Improved shrinkage- and creep behaviour
  • Reduced rate of carbonation of the concrete
Sika® ViscoCrete®-1200 NT MY does not contain chloride or other steel corrosion promoting ingredients. It may therefore be used without any restrictions for reinforced- and prestressed- concrete construction.