PCE Based Superplasticing and Set Retarding Concrete Admixture

SikaPlast® -257 is a third generation polymer based high performance superplasticizer for producing soft consistency concrete. Sika Plast®-257 meets the requirements of ASTM C 494 Type D & G.

SikaPlast® -257 combines diffent modes of actions. By adsorption on the surface of the fines and keeping them apart while the hydration is in progress.SikaPlast® -257 effects the following concrete properties :
  • Long slump keeping and high water reduction
  • High flowability (considerably reduced placing and compacting work)
  • Faster evolution of early strength development
  • Workability can be maintained up to 4 hours (still depends on admixture dosage, cement type, temperature, W/C)
  • Improved creep resistance and shrinkage resistance characteristics
SikaPlast® -257 contains neither chlorides nor other corrosion-inducing subsances and can therefore be used without any restrictions for reinforced concrete structures.