High range water-reducing and set retarding concrete admixture

A highly effective superplasticizer with a set retarding effect for producing flowable concrete in hot climate and also a substantial water reducing agent for promoting ultimate strength. Sikament®-294 complies with ASTM C494 Type D & G.

Sikament®-294 provides the following properties: As a superplasticizer with set retarding effect:
  • Highly effective without increased w/c ratio
  • Lasting control of slump loss
  • Controlled setting time
  • Avoidance of cold joints
  • No adverse effect on ultimate strength
As a water reducer:
  • Strength significantly increased
  • Allow substantial cement reduction compared to plain concrete
  • Especially suitable for hot climate
  • No excessive air entrainment
  • No adverse shrinkage effect
  • Improved surface finish